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Well I’ve finished my 2nd craft fair and I must say I have come back totally demoralised. I’ve received comments such as ….. ‘Treat it as an experience,’ ‘the trouble is you have too much of YOU invested in your work’ or ‘different meat for different stalls’ but I can’t help but feel disheartened.

It’s not that I don’t believe in my work, but that I am still trying to find the angle to pursue or avenue to take as a long term pursuit. I’m not looking for sympathy or consolation, I’m not really sure what I need to make me feel better but I am going to do what I usually do and that is rest, recharge and reassess. Sometimes I just need to sit and think, reflect and trust. It’s the trust part that I find very difficult. But that’s another post!

Thanks for reading. Hugs and love xxxx20141018-234411-85451713.jpg


Commercial ties

How I would just love to sit at home and craft all day but sadly bills need to be paid and money certainly doesn’t grow on trees. (So I’ve been told)

As an artist, I need to create all different types of works to suit the markets around me. I have been called the ‘Del Boy’ of the craft world as I am still finding out what works, at what doesn’t. I’m trying to shimmy into new areas of business to see what feels right and I am having a great deal of fun in the process.

Today I have created and framed some more commercial ideas to sell at local fairs. All the pieces are from different areas of my new life since leaving the rat race.

Firstly there are the empowering quotes, (my fella calls them poison pen works). These are sourced from the personal development group I have been attending since February. A great source of encouragement and the works are created from such inspiration.


The second lot of pieces have been based around hobbies and from the great network of people I have met since joining the creative circles. I have been inspired to make more personalised gifts for Christmas rather than items that are just for the 12 days and then recycled in a car boot or yard sale (for my international followers).


Then there are the selfish passions such as flowers that I have previously looked at and shown in my posts. The beauty in the natural environment that keeps me in the moment rather than chasing dreams or fearing the future.


I hope that the creative juices continue to flow as I venture into more commercial projects. I spoke to a lady recently who said that, should she start to think about her hobby as a money making project, that she dries up creatively. Although I have to see ways of making money, (stuff work, let’s play) I do not want the commercial ties to suffocate my creativity.

I have so many ideas that I want to start, that this sitting around being creative is merely laying a foundation on which I can, and will, build upon. I have friends who support me, business men to guide me and a power greater opening doors for me that I can hardly wait to see what tomorrow may bring. I can’t remember feeling this way for a long time in the rat race, but today, I am grateful for all that I have. For the journey it has taken to get to where I am, I will always be grateful.

I finally have a voice that is mine. How brilliant is that?

It has been a busy time since I got back from holiday. Thank you for sticking with me and continuing to read. I have just read ways in which to increase my readers and thought I better keep you up to date on the creativity I have found since leaving the ‘rat race’.

Although I am just starting out as a professional Artist, I have sought confidence in asking to display my work, offering lower prices for items that will benefit my little ‘business’ and I keep venturing to try new things to see what works and what flops tremendously. I have started to re read ‘stuff work, lets play’ by John Williams and thank goodness my intravenous dose of personal development starts again tomorrow. I can not wait to gather with people who actually care about themselves and have the willingness to learn ways to develop themselves. I finally have a voice that is mine. How brilliant is that?

So I bid you goodnight and will leave you with some of my exhibited pieces. Please feel free to add comments as I am willing to learn today.

Lots of Love

Becky X


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And breathe!

Good evening. Tonight is the first time in a while that I have had an early night, I’ve literally ran out of steam! (Temporarily)

On August 1st I started this blog and what a journey the last 26 days have been. A fantastic journey.

Since reading ‘Screw work, let’s play’ by John Williams, I have achieved the following:
1) Set up my blog! Which I am happy to say has been a great introduction into the world of international like-minded people and opened my life up to a whole new set of creativity.
2) Set up my own little business under my own name (You are enough)
3) Ran some workshops using my skills and training in art and teaching and currently in the process of organising more in the hope of making it a regular affair.
4) Started selling my work commercially.
5) Created and launched my website
6) Created my Facebook business page Becky Field, Artist where I have met a whole host of lovely people who share the same love for arts and crafts.
7) Organised my first exhibition and finally
8) I have seen that I have made the right decision of leaving the ‘rat race’ and living life in the realm of creativity

What a privilege to have travelled so far in such a short space of time. God willing it may continue. Thanks for reading and encouraging me along the way.





Hi all, I’ve been pretty quiet of late as I have had my birthday. I have also done my first craft fair and it wasn’t as I had hoped but then I wasn’t the only one who felt disappointed. There was a nice camaraderie between us all so it wasn’t a wasted day.

I have launched a new card range and I think they are just so gorgeous although I may be biased. Every needs a good card! Each of my cards are original and are hand crafted. So far I have produced three ranges, encaustic, birdhouse and the latest ‘well travelled’.

I’ve also finished the first publication of my website so it’s been pretty busy. I haven’t forgotten you all through and I will endeavour to keep blogging! Let me know what you think of either my website or my cards if you have time xx




Find your bliss

Just a quick post today. Had a great day with fellow artists and crafters. A pure, uninterrupted day of complete bliss. How wonderful to have the opportunity to complete give a whole day to generate new ideas amongst such creativity. I am so pleased with what I have produced and just wanted to share these card designs with you. Have you found your bliss?
Enjoy, see you tomorrow! Xx