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It took all my life

According to the story, some decades ago a woman was strolling along a street in Paris when she spotted Picasso sketching at a sidewalk cafe.

The woman asked Picasso if he would sketch her, and charge her accordingly. Picasso agreed.

In just a few minutes, she had an original Picasso sketch of herself.

‘And what do I owe you?’ She asked

‘Five thousand francs’, he answered.

‘But it only took you 3 minutes!’ She said.

‘No,’ Picasso said, ‘it took all my life.

Quite often, I forget the experiences in life that have made me who I am today. I forget that my artistic ability is the result of a lifetime of love for colour, creativity and ideas generation that inspire the different artistic disciplines I engage in. I also forget that this insular type of activity has acted as an escape route when I needed to just disappear.

I have generated artwork which has reflected times in my life that have been problematic for me but have turned out to be a great source of strength.

‘Smashing the addict’ is a piece of work I created about 8 years ago. My need to escape led me to a place where I became so self absorbed that I failed to see what was real or imagined. I became enclosed in a way of life that was unbearable for not only me but for the people around me who loved and cared for me. Thankfully I was helped to ‘smash the addict’ and obliterate the negative way of life.

So when I read this abstract in a book I thought about all the time, life experiences and love that is poured into every piece of work I create, every photo I take, every brush stroke, every movement of a mouse and line of a pencil and I begin to value what each piece is worth.

I’m no Picasso and would never profess to be any like an established artist yet but I have a lifetime of experience, 37 years of drawing, creating, painting as well as 13 years teaching. It’s a never ending journey of developing personally through the ups and downs of life.

Of course I refer this to my art because that is what this blog is about but I also think about those friends who underestimate their own worth. Each day they look after another person or persons life as a parent, what a responsibility that must be. How much time, effort, love and affection is given to being there unconditionally for another little person. The little person(s) who relies, trust and waits to be held, read to or played with.
This in itself is an art and I am forever amazed at the shear unselfishness of such people.

I urge any one of my followers or readers to sit back and truly look at how far they you have travelled to be where you are today. and realise it also took all your life to be as perfect as you are.