Ready, set, go…. ‘Why?’

The Daily Post, ‘Ready set, go’... 10 minutes of unedited writing. Here goes.

I’ve not written for a while as I have been questioning many things in the usually way… Just asking ‘Why?’

It’s not that I have become disillusioned with blogging or my creativity but sometimes you do question why? Why? or even – ‘Whats it all about?’. As you may have read in a recent post ‘Goodbye Shirley’ I lost a friend. The question of why, when you see the love that people had for her at her funeral, evidently becomes at the forefront of your mind. The feelings of powerlessness for the family and friends left behind is overwhelming at times and leads you to question so many things sadly left unanswered.

You also begin to question why you waste precious time worrying what other people think of you or your work. it is evident that what is important to some is of no concern to others and they also probably ask the question ‘why?’ on so many of life’s little idiosyncrasies like I do.

We have been given brains to use, but the questioning can sometimes be all consuming. ‘Why?’ creates a never ending hamster wheel of unanswered quesions and can feel you leaving exhausted and without answers at, what may feel like, an endless period of time.

I have often stated that it would be good to see a blueprint of how life will be turning out. Maybe that would be ideal and we could have all the answers. The difficulty is not in the constant questioning I assume, It would not happen. What would happen would be to truly believe that things in life happen for a reason and learn to trust that the reasons will be revealed.

Now wouldn’t that be a blissful place to be?


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