Well it’s time to recharge, the first time in 14 years that I have been on holiday on the first day of term! It feels quite rebellious!

We packed up the little car with my delicious food, one dog, one fella and two boxes of materials and headed for the hills. One of the first things I did once we arrived was to walk to the cliff edge and take this wonderful photo.

It’s the best first day of term I’ve had for a long time! Tomorrow I will be going back to the secluded pebbled beach to take some more snaps!

When I was looking at these wonderful surroundings, I began to wonder why I keep thinking about the past or the future rather than focusing on what is happening now. How much time do I waste worrying rather than living in the present? Let me ponder this and maybe find some answers for my next post.

Until then, go out, grab your camera, smell some flowers and appreciate the now! It’s time to recharge these creative batteries and continue to escape the rat race xx

Thanks for reading xx



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