And breathe!

Good evening. Tonight is the first time in a while that I have had an early night, I’ve literally ran out of steam! (Temporarily)

On August 1st I started this blog and what a journey the last 26 days have been. A fantastic journey.

Since reading ‘Screw work, let’s play’ by John Williams, I have achieved the following:
1) Set up my blog! Which I am happy to say has been a great introduction into the world of international like-minded people and opened my life up to a whole new set of creativity.
2) Set up my own little business under my own name (You are enough)
3) Ran some workshops using my skills and training in art and teaching and currently in the process of organising more in the hope of making it a regular affair.
4) Started selling my work commercially.
5) Created and launched my website
6) Created my Facebook business page Becky Field, Artist where I have met a whole host of lovely people who share the same love for arts and crafts.
7) Organised my first exhibition and finally
8) I have seen that I have made the right decision of leaving the ‘rat race’ and living life in the realm of creativity

What a privilege to have travelled so far in such a short space of time. God willing it may continue. Thanks for reading and encouraging me along the way.





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