‘Catch yourself feeling rich. Notice those moments when there is nothing else you need. Nowhere else you should be, and no one else you would rather be with because in that moment, you too are already rich.’
John Williams.

I read this today and was torn between this quote and another (I will save for tomorrow). How fabulous a quote is this? Am I the only one who forgets to be grateful for the richness I already have in my life? So often I can get bogged down with unnecessary ‘noise’ that I forget that I am healthy, that I am loved and that I am creative.

I am an avid reader of books about how to develop myself personally. I have often felt that somehow I wasn’t ‘good enough’. Over the last 6 months I have learnt that I am good enough, that I am perfect for me. In a world of education where anything less than ‘outstanding’ or ‘good’ was insufficient, I often felt like I was constantly proving my worth.

Thankfully that is no longer the case. I am outstanding and I now view myself to be an asset in the world of education as well as a creative contributor to the world of art, photography, printmaking, collage and many more subjects I still need to explore. One thing I know is that today my life is rich and although I may need reminding from time to time, I certainly do not need to be ‘approved’ or graded. For that I am truly grateful!

Ps. Thank you for following! May you find your richness too xxx


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