I was thinking today that I had probably introduce myself to give you all a picture of who am I… (I currently have one follower but I live in hope! – thanks Suzie xx).

I am a 38, go by the name of Becky, Becks, Rebecca, Oi you, miss, dependent on who addresses me. They used to say ‘those who can’t, teach’ so I taught. I taught art/design and media after graduating with a Graphic Design degree and Certificate in Education. Then it became, ‘those who teach……… Then what?’. So here I am.

Teaching. That is what I refer to as the ‘rat race’. The forever working, unforgiving profession that sadly has changed over the years. If I was business minded, unemotional and not easily affected by criticism, then maybe I could’ve stayed working full time within the education system, but what if I’m a sensitive soul, easily affected by judgement and opinions and passionate about the students and their progress rather than figures?

In short, it didn’t work and I called time. Have you ever felt like that?…… Have you ever felt like the world is spinning too fast that you just want to jump off, brush yourself down, reassess what you want and then step back on with a new mindset and direction? If you have, then you’ll know why I left a secure, well paid job to just stop, reassess, reframe and breathe.

Art has always been with me, it’s in my blood. My auntie was/is an successful artist, creator and designer and has influence my early passion for art, crafts, colour and beauty. I had my roots planted and they still remain in creativity.

‘Jinni Jo Creations’ is my new baby, my reinvention of the life that I would like. How far it grows is still a mystery but for today I am enjoying myself. The dream would always be to be successful so that I ‘find a job that feels like play!’ and get paid for it.
Some say it’s a pipe dream, some say to just keep it as a hobby but wouldn’t it be fantastic if I could have anything I wanted!

My brand of ‘Jinni Jo Creations’ is based on making wishes come true. The only thing is, as I start new projects, come up with new ideas, my wishes come true, change and grow and continue to come true. Let’s hope I soon have more followers to join me on this journey.

For today, that is my wish.



2 thoughts on “Me.

  1. I love this blog post – it can be quite difficult to understand who a person is when you chat online. Admiration goes out to you for making that step in life to take the leap of faith and go for what makes you happy. Wishing you the best of luck, and keep in touch!


    1. Thank you Ellie. Your work is inspirational. Trying to keep my blog as honest as possible showing the ups and downs but hopefully inspiring others to follow their hearts….


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